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Airflow Optimization for

your SFFPC

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Anyone who builds SFF computers tries to bring maximum performance to the smallest possible space. At this point, the cooling should also run at maximum performance. The custom mod parts for the Louqe Ghost S1 offered on this page allow the installed fans to work without resistance, so that the overall noise, fan speed and temperatures of the system are reduced.


This plate allows the fans in a tophat to develop their maximum potential and not only keep your Ghost cool, but also reduce the volume by avoiding air turbulence


Its just arrived and I have installed it already. What a difference in sound and airflow it makes!

I can’t thank you enough, the noise before was unbearable and now I can game and work in silence once more!


I haven’t had a chance to fit it yet, but I have to say that the quality is incredible!! Everything about the whole project was amazing – the quality of the grill including the paintwork, your packaging and even the little card!!


I got that fan grill and put it in the ghost. It’s a very well done piece of kit, went in my case with the tophat no problem! Definitely a lot less turbulence noise now.

RTX 3000 Spine

The RTX 3000 Spine is the latest addition to the Meta Customs lineup. It allows the special cooling design of the RTX 3000 cards to work without compromise and results in very impressive temperature drops.

Plus you have all the features of a Mk3 Spine like wide motherboard standoffs and improved rear m2 ssd support as well as additional features like the ability to mount a 120mm fan without a tophat above the PSU.

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Both spines are identical except for one difference:
The height of the GPU riser PCB standoffs is placed 2mm lower on the Mk3 variant.

I can't say if this difference is enough to make a Spine incompatible with another version of the case. However, I advise against buying a Mk3 Spines when you own a Mk2 case and vice versa.


This bottom plate replaces the original bottom of the Ghost S1 and aims to let the fan under the PSU run at its maximum potential in order to increase the airflow, lower the temperatures and at the same time reduce the noise caused by air turbulence.


The second batch of custom Fangrills will be available soon! This product is made of 1mm thick quality steel and coated with a special textured film so that it matches the style of the original. It is also even more optimized than the first batch of Fangrills and should provide better temperature results.

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