Some Update on the Fangrill: As some of you have already recommended, I have spoken to chinese suppliers in the past few days. I have now found some providers that claim to have awesome quality for a reasonable price. The Fangrill will be cut from 1mm thick stainless steel, then bead blasted and PVD coated in black. That way it should look and feel just like the original but will be much more robust thanks to the stainless steel. I will order a sample next week and hope for a satisfactory result.

I would like to have only 50 pieces manufactured for the time being, as this already means a big financial risk for me as a student. For this reason, the ordering process is a little different this time.


The order is now made similar to a drop-ship process. As soon as the stretch goal of 50 units is reached, the shop is closed and the order is sent to China. From then on, it takes about 35 days for the parts to be made.

I will keep all buyers constantly updated of course.

Drop-ship Phase hasn't started yet!

00/50 Orders