Fangrill + Mountplate

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Measurement Setup:
The measuring device used is the "BTMeter BT-866A". The fan that was used for this test is the 120mm "be quiet! Silent Wings 2" that ran on a constant 7V, which I would consider a realistic normal use fan speed.

*With a water-cooled Ghost, even better temperatures should be achieved.
As this post shows, in a water-cooled build, the temperature can be reduced by 5°C using only the mountplate

My Setup:
CPU: i7 7700k@stock
GPU: Zotac RTX 2080 Blower with ASUS Strix Cooler
• Motherboard: ASRock H110M-ITX
• Storage: 2x Crucial MX500 1TB
RAM: 16gb Corsair DDR4-2400
• Cooling: Noctua NH-L12
• PSU: Corsair SF450

Ghost Configuration:
Custom Sidepanel on the GPU Side
Medium Tophat on top, housing 2x 120mm Silent Wings 2 @950rpm as exhaust

Test Szenarios:
constant 21°C room temperature
• each test was done with a 1 hour power off break to cool down parts

45 Minutes Blender Cycles (1,5gb Project - 4k 10000 Samples) rendering on OpenGL with CPU and GPU activated

45 Minutes Call of Duty Warzone Multiplater ( 1440p - High) Avg. temperature MSI Afterburner