Fangrill + Mountplate (Aircooled Build)

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Measurement Setup:
Anemometer "BTMeter BT-866A"
• Fans: 120mm be quiet! Silent Wings 2 @7V
CPU: i7 7700k@stock
GPU: ASUS Strix RTX 2080@2GHz 1.0V
• CPU Cooling: Noctua NH-L12

M Tophat on top, 2x 120mm be quiet! Silent Wings 2 @950rpm (exhaust)

Test Szenarios:
constant 21°C room temperature
• each test was done with a 1 hour power off cooldown phase

"Workload": 45 Minutes Blender Cycles (1,5gb Project - 4k 10000 Samples) rendering on OpenGL with CPU and GPU activated
"Gaming": 45 Minutes Witcher 3 Benchmark Scene ( 1440p - Very High) avg. temperature in MSI Afterburner

Detailed Review from „Reeves Talks Tech“ (Watercooled Build)

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