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"Flow Through" Spine

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This custom spine features a cutout at the height of the RTX Founders Edition card's "flow through" cooling fan, allowing the card to better dissipate waste heat.

Of course other GPUs with a similar "Flow Through" cooling design also benefit from this spine.

This Spine is made out of high quality 2.5mm thick steel and has been powder coated to have the same finish as the original.

Which case variant do I have?:

The best way is, of course, by taking a look at the invoice. Another quick way would be to take a look at the motherboard standoffs. Mk2 cases have copper to golden standoffs, Mk3 cases have silver standoffs.

No mk1 cases were ever sold to customers. Even the first batch from the early Kickstarter times are Mk2 cases.

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Before you buy take a look at the measurements and see if everything fits (radiator users only)

• The hole spacing between both fans can vary from 12,50mm to 18,50mm so it should fit with every Radiator

• The whole radiator is placed closer to the front. Check if the space of 35,5mm from the frame of the fan in the back to the back panel fits your needs

 • The hammerhead shaped cutout in the front has the dimensions 35x106mm and beginns 56mm from the front fans midpoint. Take a look at your radiator (if you plan to use one) and see if the cutout is big enough and on the  right spot to fit your tubes through