I am overwhelmed by the interest in my products and unfortunately have to report that the Spines that are currently in production are already sold out.

I thank all backers for their trust and will now take care that all buyers get their parts as soon as possible. For all those who were not so lucky, there should be supplies soon.

There will be both a Mk2 and Mk3 version! The Mk3 variant is already in the making!


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This bottom plate replaces the original bottom of the Ghost S1. The goal of this plate is to let the fan under the PSU run at its maximum potential in order to increase the airflow, lower the temperatures and at the same time reduce the volume caused by air turbulence.

Please note, that this design has no option to mount the 2,5" harddrive cage.

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Mk2 Spine with Mk3 features

Increased bottom fan cutout height for better AIO Support (121,5 x 35,5mm)

Increased Mainboard cutout height for better rear m.2 support

Wider motherboard standoffs

Additional features

PSU bracket, which moves the PSU 3mm closer to the sidepanel and gives the GPU more room to breathe

3D printed PSU mount for using a 120x15mm fan on top without the need for a tophat.

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