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This custom Fangrill is made from steel and got powercoated with an special matt black textured film that matches the original Fangrill in terms of surface finish.

In cooperation with Louqe I also made sure this custom Fangrill matches 100% with the original measurements and added countersunk screwholes as well so that the screws sit flush with the rest of the case.

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With all the Mk3 features

Increased bottom fan cutout height (121,5 x 35,5mm)

Increased Mainboard cutout height for better rear m.2 support

Wider motherboard standoffs

Additional features

PSU bracket, which moves the PSU 3mm closer to the sidepanel and gives the GPU more room to breathe

3D printed PSU mount for using a 120x15mm fan on top without the need for a tophat.

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Benchmark Results (RTX 3080 FE)

special thanks to u/xQcKx